Vintage Bakelite? Nestle lidded Product Container circa 1930,s


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Item Description

The invention of this durable plastic, bakelite in 1907 was one of the earliest synthetic materials to transform the material basis of modern life.   I collect various items when I see them, jewelry, boxes, plug fittings, household items.  Finding this nestles container, in a wonderful green mottled colour was surprising.  Research has shown how long Nestle has been in South Africa.  The address underneath the box is Victoria Embankment in Durban.

1916 The first Nestlé products arrived in South Africa during the 1870s, and the company’s presence in the country was formally entrenched on 7 July 1916 when it registered as a company.

1927  To meet the demands of a growing country, local production started in 1927 with the purchase of the South African Condensed Milk Company Ltd factory in Donnybrook and the Estcourt and Franklin factories of Joseph Baynes Limited.

1937 Condensed milk and milk powders. Nespray manufactured in Standerton.

1938-1944 Nestlé’s newest product, NESCAFÉ launched worldwide. NESCAFÉ becomes the world’s top selling coffee brand





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