Siam Silver Nielloware brooch 5 x 3.8 cms


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Item Description

Siam Silver Brooch and Earings – Mid Centuary

A nice set of vintage used silver Siam fan clip on earings and brooch.   Polished up this will be really beautiful.

Just a bit of Background to this special jewelry ref :   Siam Sterling jewelry was manufactured from the 1930’s through the 1980’s.

Siam silver is officially called “Nielloware.” Niello is a black mixture of copper, silver, and lead, used as an inlay on engraved or etched metal. American soldiers who visited Thailand in the mid-20th century bought this jewelry for their ladies back home.   Much of the filigree was etched by hand by Thai artisans  Nielloware pieces are usually stamped “Siam” or “Niello” on the back.  All Siam sterling is sterling silver and will usually have some type of black, white or occasionally colored enamel as part of the design. Only the black and silver pieces are considered Nielloware by collectors, and colored enamels fit into another category of Siam silver.






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