Salt and Pepper shakers Durban Public House Trust


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Item Description

Salt and Pepper shakers Durban Public House Trust


Please note that these are not a pair of shakers but they are almost identical in shape.

They have been well used over the years and show signs of being tapped and knocked over the years – see pictures.

One is Celtic “Quality” Plate and the other Emess Plate.   The Emess plate one has a badge of the early Durban Public House Trust on it.  The other has a pretty Deco  pattern impressed into the metal.

My curiosity having got the better of me I researched the Durban Public House Trust and found the following interesting information about this 100+ year old establishment.


“The Public House Trust was situated at the base of then Durban Bluff headland directly opposite the Point and could be reached by rail or ferry.


It offered accommodation, meals and had a bar. On May 16, 1905, a letter of complaint about the Public House Trust was published in the Mercury.


The complainant and his friend had crossed over the bay one Sunday to the Public House for a drink and a meal. Whereas usually alcoholic drinks could be ordered with a meal, they were told that “no intoxicating liquors were permitted to be supplied to people seated in that portion of the premises”, according to a new regulation by the Port Advisory Board.”


The hotel burned down in early 1900’s







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