SA Sterling Silver Teaspoon - 15g Candida - Joe Calafato


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Item Description

 A typical lovely example of stirling siver work by Joe Calafato  –  Candida silver.  Weight 15g – length 10.5 cms.  The theme being a zulu mother and child with a thatched hut and trees in the background.  Dont hesitate to ask questions.

Info taken from an article by Fred van Staden from ASCA  “His work reflects a time line in terms of a fading European influence mingling with a strengthening African influence both in terms of inspiration and form. There is a clear migration from the original scroll abstractions to a more ‘organic realism’ in expressing plant, animal and human form, ending in an almost exclusive emphasis on African landscape, animal and village life.  At the end, his work matured into extensively embracing images of the African continent, making him a truly African manufacturing jeweller in the full sense of the article by Fred van Staden form the antique silver assn.     Joe Calafato designed and manufactured silver jewellery, flatware and hollowware during the mid to late 20th century in a career spanning 37 years in Pretoria, South Africa. His work made an important contribution to the development of a uniquely South African design domain and has become increasingly sought after at antique and collectible markets.”




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