SA Afrikaans historical Photo album Voortrekker Centenary Celebrations 1930's Deco Album


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Item Description

This historical Deco album of 67 black and white photos dates to the 1930’s   The style of clothing worn and the cars show a 1935 ford coupe.    There are a number of photographs showing the Voortrekker Centenary gathering (Great trek centenary Celetration photos) with hundreds of tents and marchers.  Mounted commandos and an ox drawn wagon.  The majority of photographs are family photographs – the usual family photographs of weddings, people and trips to cape town and up north.  There are unused pages at the back of the album. Overall not in bad used vintage condition.   The back of the album has slightly sticky marks on it.  There are 1 or two empty spaces where pix have fallen out.

Taken from Wiki:  Afrikaner nationalism which had reached its peak in 1938 with the 100 year celebration of the Great Trek. These centenary celebrations culminated in a symbolic trek from Cape Town to Pretoria. This re-enactment of the trek began on 8 August 1938, at the foot of the Jan van Riebeeck statue in Cape Town, and sparked mass enthusiasm among Afrikaners as it wound its way through small towns. Spectators were often dressed in Voortrekker clothing, and held solemn ceremonies where wreaths were laid on the graves of Afrikaner heroes and streets were renamed in their honour. The event ended in Pretoria with the laying of the foundation for the Voortrekker Monument, which was attended by a crowd of over 100 000 people.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions or ask for more photos from this special album.   Shipping R60.00 via pargo to a destination of your choice – please choose through shipping options.




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