Retro Computer floppy discs (3.5" stiffys)


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Item Description

22 years ago these items became obselete.     I am offering them here as I think they are so collectible…….

Three plastic pc floppy boxes.    1 is empty, 1 has 10 unlabeled discs (have no way of checking if they are used or not) and 5 have the users labels stuck to them.

1 verbatum games disc, 1 Maxwell, 1 sony and all the others Dysan.  10 discs  unlabeled discs

According to the British Telegraph   1998   The 3.5in floppy disk, once an icon of the computer age, is to be cleared from the shelves of PC World as demand for disks plummets. In 1998 we were using more than 2bn floppy disks a year 0 new technology and the rise of digital photography and misic has left the floppy disk obsolete




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