Murano? Bohemian? Red Cased Glass Vase 40 cm tall


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Item Description

Bohemian? Murano?  Tall Red Cased Glass  Vase  40 cm tall

This is another special piece of glass.   Found together with the Lime Green Satin Vase.   I think it could be Italian, perhaps bohemian, but the experts out there will know.    Hand blown in layers with a transparent outer and a fine blood red inner with a final fine white opaque glass inside

Taken from the Web:  Cased glass, frequently known as lining, plating or flashing, was not new in the nineteenth century, but that is the time period in which it became very popular. This type of glass is still in demand and continues to be one of the techniques that many glassblowers use today.

Cased glass is identified as a glass piece that has two or more layers of different colors. The inner or outer layers of this glass can also be clear.  In some instances, the outer layer of cased glass can be cut away in sections to bring out the color(s) of the previous casings beneath.





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