Medical Cast Iron Vapo Cresolene Burner in orginal box


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Item Description

How this lamp has managed to survive is quite amazing.  The burner which is cast iron has been used many times. It is intact with all its parts. It was patented in about 1885.  It still has its original box although the lid of the box has come off but is still there.  This one has instructions in english and afrikaans showing the selling agents in Durban.  Original price 16/-.

Fom Internet:  The first Vapo Cresolene lamp was produced in 1879. James H Valentine was desperately trying to find something to relieve his daughters whooping cough symptoms. He put a coal tar acid called Cresolene in a tin cup and suspended it over a  small kerosene lamp. The soothing vapours soon filled the room and she found relief.




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