German ERSA 350 electric soldering iron


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Item Description

An old and really heavy soldering iron weighing about 1 kg.  I have plugged it in and left it for about 1 minute and it doesnt seem to get hot.  I am not electrically minded so have no idea why it would not be getting warm.    I have pulled black tape and ancient masking tape off the handle thats why it looks white.   There is a crack on one side of the handle.  The soldering point appears to be copper.  You are welcome to make an offer on this item – thanks.

Every vintage tool has a surprising background.   I have discovered that this ERSA tool is from the first letters of Ernest Sachs name and so Ersa was born.   This german company has gone through many adversities during their existence.  Ernst Sachs founded the “First Special Factory for Electrical Soldering Irons” in Berlin in 1921. Thus he created the company´s title from the first letters of his own two names – and Ersa was born.




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