Circa 1925 Sepia Photo Portrait of a beautiful young woman


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Item Description

Circa 1925 Sepia toned Portrait of a beautiful young woman

An original nostalgic sepia toned photograph on old photographic paper.  This pre digital photo would have been processed in a dark room.   Dressed in pearls and a twinset defined the tone for the year this was taken.   I wonder how her life worked out with so many unknown events still to come, the most significant I think would have been WW2. 

Although  the second picture that I have included looks like a photo and seems to be rather old and worn, on close examination I think it is a print.  Its still a lovely image.

I can send this via Paxi Pep at a cost of R55.00 if you would like.  Please discuss with me.  You can choose any other shipping method.





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