Barostar Porthole Barometer


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Item Description



This is quite a big barometer measuring about 26 cm dia across the wood.   The barometer has a diameter of 20 cms.


The face under the “glass” showing “rain, change, fair” is gilt and in very good  condition.


As can be seen by the pictures the brass is pretty tarnished.   I think that a coating was applied over the brass and being at the coast it has tarnished to the extent that you can see in the photos.  If the barometer is turned over the insert at the back seems to be of black plastic.  I dont know if this barometer has any age to it but you need to judge for yourself.


The Barometer is designed like a porthole with screw down clips that open so one can get to the inside of the barometer.


The glass feels like plastic and not glass but is in fair condition.   There are several light scratches on the surface.  If one can clean the tarnish off the instrument it would be rather a handsome addition to your home.


Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions.

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You can of choose any postage or courier service which suits you.




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