Antique Patent Orange Peeler with ivory bone handle


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Item Description

Antique Patent Orange Peeler with ivory bone handle

The victorian era produced some weird and wonderful inventions.   Take this Orange Peeler.   I would never have guessed what it was for if it wasnt stamped clear as a bell on the back.  “Patent Orange Peeler”  In an age where acting with decorum during mealtimes placed you in a certain social class, knowing how to eat fruit was important.  This item is in really nice used vintage/antique condition. Antique Citrus or Orange Peeler with Ivory handle

I cant imagine having a tool for peeling an orange.   The Victorian era saw so many extraordinary gadgets and inventions.  There was a “proper” way to eat oranges as well as other fruits.   There were orange spoons specially made for scooping the flesh out of the skin and bowls made to hold the fruit.   None of this ripping the peel off and throwing it into the bushes as you walk past sucking the juice out of the orange!!!   I wonder how they managed mangos and watermelons.  The Tool is in used Antique condition.   The handle is firm in the scoop.    Please look at the pictures carefully.   Dont hesitate to ask any questions.




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