Antique milk or cream jug repaired with metal Staples


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Item Description

This jug has had the handle and lip of the spout broken.  A couple of the staples are missing.  This is still a wonderful example of a piece of special china repaired with metal staples.    Don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

I first encountered china and porcelain repair when I found an antique ironstone platter that had been stapled together.    I was captivated that the china had been so prized that it had been repaired.  The pieces were often taken to a jeweler who could drill and stitch the broken piece together.  Though the method of repair may look crude, it ensured that the mended crockery could withstand continuous cycles of warming in ovens before meals, followed by washing-up in kitchen sinks.  I have a few pieces that I have kept for myself.   A reminder of a time when consumerism wasn’t the norm.  I believe oriental porcelain has been repaired for centuries as well.





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