Antique Childrens Nursery Book W T Stead circa 1900 hand printed cover


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Item Description

A childrens book in really nice antique condition.  The pages are browned from age and there are tears in some of the pages.  The covers and bindings are tight although the staples are somewhat rusted.  Overall the book is in good condition. The illustrations are delightful.   |The cover of the book has been printed after binding and looks hand done to me.    Some old advertising in the front and back pages.  A lovely example of childrens books over a century ago when books were precious and not to be written in drawn on or cut up!!   Some info below if you are interested and the researchers contact addresses below the photos.  Please feel free to ask me any questions.   You are welcome to combine items, just speak to me before you pay for shipping please.

Taken from Google research:

W.T. Stead’s Books for the Bairns

Sally Wood-Lamont

The title of this series immediately conjures up a Scottish image but in fact Books for the Bairns were published in England by an Englishman. W. T. Stead, philanthropist, pacifist, politician, psychic and journalist was born on July 5th 1849 at Embleton Manse near Alnwick. His early schooling was given by his father, a congregational minister who taught him Latin as a second language. At the age of twelve he went to Silcoates School near Wakefield and after two years he became an office boy in a merchant’s counting house on Quayside, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. His main reading at that time was the Sporting Life until the Dick’s Penny Shakespeare came out and his eyes were opened to a new world of literature. His first writing effort to be accepted was an essay on Oliver Cromwell submitted to the Boy’s Own Magazine, under the pseudonym of W.T. Silcoates. For this he received the sum of one guinea to be spent on books published by the proprietor, S.O. Beeton. At the age of eighteen he published his first periodical, The Magazinctum, a journal of the Stead Family. This magazine, illustrated by many of his own pen sketches, was privately circulated. It lasted for five years.
53. Jul 1900 The Redcross Knight Part 1
54. Jul 1900 The Redcross Knight Part 2
55. Aug 1900 Storybook of Country Scenes
56. Sept 1900 Fairy Tales from India
57. Oct 1900 The Mad Tailor and The Caliph Stork




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