Antique Brass Seal and Wax Office Stamp - African Banking Corp. Pre 1920?


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Item Description

A bank stamp made from brass and wood.   I am not sure if it was used with sealing wax or a stamp pad but think it must have been wax as it is made from brass.  The paint on the wooden handle has deteriorated and the brass stamp has a dent or two from use over the years.  An unusual stamp.  It looks as if the embossed stamp head can screw off the holder.

From Wiki:  African Banking Corporation was a British Overseas Bank, it had a headquarters in London but all its branches were overseas. Unusually, it was a consortium bank (i.e., other banks jointly owned it), rather than being owned by individuals. It operated primarily in South Africa.  In 1920 the bank was bought out and merged with Standard Bank of South Africa.




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