African Traditional head rest -wooden carved Turkana Kenya


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Item Description

A Lovely item for an African headrest collection.  This Turkana Headrest has a nice patina.   Please note the one side of the leather carrying handle has come apart.   You are welcome to ask any questions.

Online info from Google:  The Turkana live in the Turkana district of the Rift Valley, in Kenya. They are  group of pastoralists.  Like their neighbors the Maasai, cattle are their primary wealth.   The simple, appeal of this headrest is a nice example, of these hand carved headrests.     These objects are carefully carved and carried everywhere individuals go. The leather cord attached to the headrest helps to carry it easily. Headrests are used as a pillow. They also help to protect sophisticated coiffure.  As a personal object, the headrest has become part of the individual.  Their styles are similar to these found among the other nomadic pastoralists of Uganda, Sudan and Ethiopia, particularly among the Karamajong, and Pokot. All these peoples share cultural traits with the Turkana.




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