African carved Hardwood White Rhino Zululand 1970's


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Item Description

Carved from a Zululand Hardwood probably Mthombothi.  This particular white rhino was carved by a man in the Hluhluwe game reserve area in the 1970’s  Its fairly unusual being a hardwood as most of the animal carvings sold at the roadsides at that time, which were mostly crocodiles, tall birds rhinos and snakes were finished by using a red dye, burning and waxing.  They were carved from a softer wood.

Mthombothi was traditionally used to build the stockades around homesteads.  The Iziqu necklace, signifying bravery in a warrior, was also carved from hardwoods such as Mthombothi.

It is reddish brown, with lighter blotches that shimmer brightly in the sunlight when carved.  This carving has a nice patina from age.

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