the bright beetle

I am a just your ordinary old oddball collector of anything and everything interesting to me which means just about everything there is!

My great interests are art, antiques, Natural History, Books; Vintage and Retro items which just about covers anything and everything.
There is just so much that I can cram into the garages, store rooms, loft walls and rooms – hence the start of the bright beetle some 15 years ago.

I do this for the love of discovery, of unearthing items that have been discarded and finding new homes for them. Saving them for posterity. The excitement of buying a box in auction and finding something to complete an item for an avid collector gives me pleasure.

An Original Art and art photography section will soon be added. This is for work by myself and my partner.

I aim to continue providing an honest and personal online service to the best of my ability with the help of my very able website manager and PC guru Nadia van Biljon (nadia@computernoobguru.com)

I look forward to connecting with you!


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From Caro @ The Bright Beetle